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Google, Android P, Adaptive Battery

Now your phone will be able to adapt to your battery usage patterns

There is a wide gap between how you use your battery an what your phone shows you in the battery section of the settings. However, this will not be the case...
Google Assistant, Google Smart Display

Google Smart Displays to come on sale in July

Google's Smart Displays which were showcased at the CES 2018 is going on sale in July of this year. This date was announced by Google at the I/O 2018, Google's annual...
Google Assistant

You don’t have to say ‘Hey Google’ every time to talk to Assistant

Google is trying to make easier for users to talk to the Google Assistant. Now Google has launched a new feature for the Google Assistant called 'Continued Conversation'. What this feature...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant will now be available in 6 languages!

At the on-going I/O, Google has announced that the Google assistant will now be available in six languages. Google insists that there is continuous work going on to make the assistant feel...
Facebook F8 developer's conference

Changes announced for Facebook in F8 developer’s conference

The F8 was the first major event that Facebook was conducting after the latest storm surrounding the Cambridge analytica scandal. And this time (finally), Mark Zuckerberg and team seem to have...
RED Hydrogen One

RED’s upcoming $1,200 phone has been delayed until August

Red has already created a lot of hype about it's upcoming $1,200 phone with a holographic display. Something that no company has done until now. There were pre-bookings, many people paid...
Facebook Messenger

Facebook is bringing AR to Messenger

Facebook at its Developer Conference said that over 8 Billion messages were sent using messenger in 12 months. There are a lot of features on the messenger already but today, Facebook...

Facebook is allowing apps after the review process

A long time ago, Facebook stopped letting in apps due to some reason. But today, the C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg, at the annual developers' conference has announced that Facebook Will reopen its...
dot app

Now you can register your domain with .app TLD, thanks to Google

Having purchased the rights to dot app (.app) top level domain (TLD) at the start of 2015, Google was the only company that could use these. But that is about to...
iTunes Microsoft Store

iTunes is now available for download in Windows Store

This all started a year ago when Microsoft announced that iTunes is coming to the Microsoft Store. However, the given date came and went and we heard nothing about that until...


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