Cortana Now Supports Google Calendar

With the launch of the Windows 10s, Microsoft seemed to be locking down user’s access to the Google Services. The Operating system never allows installing a new software. In addition, never allow the user to make Google as a default search engine even in the Microsoft Edge.

Google is a search Engine giant that is not going to die, at least for a time being. The services provided by Google are unmatchable due to which most of the people have bounded Google in their everyday lives. If you are a full-time Google user, then its obvious that you are going to face problems using any other service. Windows users face this a lot.

However, this problem is now fixed. Microsoft has integrated Google in the Windows 10 which allows you to make Google your primary email. In addition, recently Microsoft has updated its AI assistant, Cortana. The update allows Cortana to read your Google Calendar entries and reminds you of that event.

With this integration, Cortana can also understand the commands which you once gave to the Google Assistant like “Mark 20 July 2017 as Mark’s Birthday”. However, this update is just for Windows 10 PC’s but will be available for the other platforms later on