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Not many people know about the Chromebooks. One can mostly see them in the business places or at schools. However, today Google revealed their new laptop namely, Google Pixel Book. The laptop looks a lot better than other Chromebooks. Everything from the design to the hardware is changed. Well that is what we can expect from a company like Google which is having that much money to invest in hardware. Anyways, here are our Pixel Book impressions and Pixel Pen impressions.


Google Pixel Book is new line of Chromebooks launched today by Google Today at their Press Event. The laptop seems to be promising. Anyways, lets take a deeper look at it.


The design of the laptop is pretty similar to that of the Macbook. But the laptop is more thinner. According to Google, this is the thinnest laptop ever made. Pixel Book just weighs 1 KG and is 10 mm thin. I think that it will make rethink if I have kept my laptop inside the backup because it is very light. But everything is to tested before we actually get into any final decision.


The Google Pixel Book is having a new keyboard which is awesome. The keyboard contains soft touch keys. On my first use, this keyboard looks pretty decent. The typing experience was somewhat similar or better I would say than that in the Macbook Pro.

Google has also improved the touch pad. It is now more accurate and according to my use, the touch pad is improved than the older phones. There are more gestures and is now more accurate. I really liked this too.


The laptop is packed with a great battery life. I was not able to test the battery of this one and that’s what is to be tested for the full review. The laptop is said to have upto 10 hours of battery life which can charged by the Type – C. Talking about the charging speed, the laptop gets 2 hours battery filled within 2 hours.


The Pixel Book is no having much secure google chrome and this all is made easier due to the addition of the Google Assistant. The addition of a virtual assistant is not a new thing. Apple has already implemented this idea 1 year ago. But in addition, there is a dedicated Google Assistant key on the keyboard itself. Its the idea of Bixby I think but this is Google Assistant. There is a lot of difference.


There is a pen too. So yes, this laptop can be used as the Tablet if you want. But this pen will increase your user experience to some extent. Now this pen is similar to the Apple Pen but there are some differences though.

The Pixel Pen can do more. This will make you feel more natural when you are writing. That’s true because this tip is very soft and this is very very very fast. The latency is for about 10 ms and that is negligible. You can use this for getting the search results for the search results by just circling the text. Its makes it more easier to get the results.


This pixel book is also having Google Play Store. This allows you to get your android apps on your laptop. This literally means that you can also get apps like Netflix, Spotify etc. For Pixel Pen, you can download creativity apps like Evernote. Google is also working with Snapchat to bring you some new features. So we can expect something big from their side.


The Pixel Book is available Pre-Order today and will be available in the stores from October 31st. The price for the same is starting from $999 and if you want to buy the Pixel Pen too, you have to pay extra $99

These were just the Pixel Book and the Pixel Pen impressions. However, there is a lot of stuff that is to be tested before I review it. Anyways, I will try to review this as soon as we get one.