Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A couple years ago, in 2014, Samsung made us surprise by product announcement called The Galaxy Note Edge with the crazy display hanging out from one side. Since then, that display has evolved so much into the Samsung’s entire flagship line up. This brings us to the Galaxy Note 8. So can we call this as a Perfect Smartphone? Well its almost, its almost there!


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I Would Say Best Design is of Samsung Galaxy S8!

Firstly I would say that I liked the phone’s build. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still having their traditional front and back glass panel along with streamlined front and back curve that make the phone easier to hold. Yes this is a bigger phone. The size is similar to the Galaxy S8+ (excluding that 0.1 inch difference). Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The back of the phone still contains fingerprint sensor at a weird place. I think they should have placed that somewhere in the middle of the phone because its a way huge phone. Reaching out the fingerprint sensor is very difficult for the people having smaller hands. However, Samsung provides you with some other security options like Face Unlock and iris scanner but still in dark light conditions, you end up using fingerprint sensor. Other than that, design of the phone is great as Samsung kept the Headphone Jack.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The display of the phone is great. Since this is Samsung’s phone, the best display is obvious. The Super Amoled display makes the colors look more vivid and videos look more crisp and clear. Samsung Galaxy S8 was having the aspect ratio of 18:9:1 but the note 8 is having the ratio of 18:5:9.


Anyways, I watched many videos on the new Note 8 and I would say that I enjoyed watching them. As Note 8 is technically having a weird aspect ratio, the full screen button on the Galaxy Note 8 made the videos look more weird as most of the content got cropped.


The Note 8 comes with the Android 7.1.1 out of the Box. I think it would have been better if Samsung gave us the opportunity to test Android Oreo, but what can we do right? Other than that 6 GB of RAM and Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 make the user experience much better than you think.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is doing well in terms of camera since its flagships to come. I love the secondary features Samsung provides with its software. This year Samsung has decided to compete Apple and developed the Note 8 with the dual 12 MP cameras at the back of the phone. These cameras are like you multiply the camera sensor at the back of the Galaxy S8. This is not it, there are some other features that make this camera great about which we are going to discuss right now.


Both the cameras at the back of the phone are having Dual OIS, which means that both the camerasĀ  will give you the best possible shot. Not to mention, this is the first phone to have OIS in both the cameras. Samsung even compared the camera of the Galaxy Note 8 with the iPhone 7 Plus. The videos and the photos shot on the Galaxy Note 8 were more stable than the iPhone 7 Plus. However, we will compare 8 with 8. Hope you got that one!


Like the portrait mode in the iPhone 7 Plus, there is a live focus mode that lets you focus on what you want to. This mode shoots two pictures, one from the telephoto lens (this picture has the focus effect) and the other one shot from the normal lens (this one has no effect). The photo having the focus effect, has a little slider from where you can make adjustments with the amount of blur in the background which make it even better.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with the 3300 mAh battery which is smaller than the Galaxy S8+ which of same size of the Galaxy Note 8. The Galaxy S8+ is having bigger 3500 mAh battery but why not note 8 Samsung? However, this clearly shows that Samsung is scared here with the battery part. Anyways, I used the Note 8 non stop for about 2 hours and I got great battery life. I think the battery optimization done here by Samsung is good and I love Samsung for that.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has made some changes to the Touch Wiz. The edge panel is now having a new option called app pair. Here you can combine your two most used apps and whenever you will touch on that, those apps will open simultaneously in Multi Window. This is the only one software change so far. However, there will be more in upcoming updates.


So the galaxy note 8 is a great phone, I would say that it is a perfect package of a smartphone. Everything from the making of the phone to the software features is great. If you would ask me, I would say that I would recommend this phone to anyone who is likely to buy a new phone or is thinking of upgrading from Note 5. The thing to notice here is this phone is the most expensive phone Samsung ever made. Here in United States, this phone is going to be about $1000 which is a lot. Anyways, if you are a die hard note fan, then you should buy this phone. Highly recommended by me!